Ekiti Sound bangers remixed by Hrdvsion, Soul Edifice and Stan-ley & BeatSoul for Crammed Discs

WTM favourite Ekiti Sound has offered up some of his productions for remix that have been put out by his label home Crammed Discs – don’t miss these. Apologies, the coverage is a little late, but these are digital only and available on the Ekiti Sound Bandcamp. Hopefully a vinyl version may emerge at some point and this is only part 1 of the remixes project (we hope more come soon!). Last year’s album Abeg No Vex was fantastic and there’s plenty more to revist.

Ekiti (real name Leke “Chif” Awoyinka) takes his artist name from the region where his father was born and he has become an expert at melding Nigerian and UK styles, visual identity and message – being a regular visitor and resident of both respectively. Song For Lara (Stan-ley & BeatSoul Remix) inspired Leke to make a music video on Victoria Island, in a small spot called Bar Bar where you can chill out after a chaotic day in Lagos, featuring DJ Ayizan and DJ Pastagoras from Nigeria’s underground music scene:

Ekiti Sound’s formative years in East London clubs, then working as a sound designer for Pinewood Studios and scoring movies within the booming Nollywood film industry have given him a unique skill and vision in filmmaking. His style is distinctive, with references to African television, Nollywood, the Nigerian underground – all voiced through a collage of Yoruba, English and pidgin – telling a range of fables through a cast of featured artists. Here’s one of the videos from last year’s LP that’s not been hosted here before – check them all out, they’re essential works of Afro-futurism.

Abeg No Vex (The Remixes Vol 1) is out now on Crammed Discs. The featured remixers are Canadian electronic music producer Hrdvsion, London’s Stan-ley & BeatSoul and eclectic French producer and DJ Soul Edifice.

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