Shiran breathes new life into traditional Yemeni wedding song ‘Ya Banat Al Yemen’ for new album ‘Glsah Sanaanea…’ for Batov Records

Shiran delivers a contemorary redo of a classic Yemeni song, the lead single for her new album Glsah Sanaanea with Shiran, following her self-titled debut album in 2018 – an LP that saluted her cherished family home of Yemen, singing songs in both Arabic and Hebrew, from her base in Tel Aviv.

Here’s the new single Ya Banat Al Yemen and is out now on Batov Records. The new album is out in June. The live version below is also captivating.

With her new album Glsah Sanaanea with Shiran, the connection with Yemen is explored further. Shiran breathes familiar, but new life into Yemeni traditional songs in a stripped back and acoustic set, featuring a backdrop of string, wind and percussion instruments like the oud, kawala and kanun.

Her first album used various western pop influences and fusion, but now her latest single and album is more faithful in respect of the original Yemeni songs and compositions that she adopts, some of which date back hundreds of years.

Lead single Ya Banat Al Yemen, a song often heard at weddings in Yemen, was originally featured in her previous album but instead of the funky breaks and organ stabs, it’s now rooted with a chorus of voices alongside Shiran, driven by a galloping set of percussion.

Shiran’s musical landscape has developed and been inspired by the many stories and experiences of her cherished and much loved Grandmother who left Yemen in 1949 for Israel as part of her ‘Aliyah’ in search of the Jewish homeland. Her new tunes reveal a sense of longing and curiosity, and also highlight a powerful women’s voice in the contemporary Arabic world. It features eight tracks and includes a guest appearance by fellow Yemeni musician and singer based in Tel Aviv, Eyal El Wahab, best known as El Khat – a musician previously featured on WTM and famed for his use of DIY instruments, as well as his exploration of his homeland and its music and culture.

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