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A range of music covered on the site – new releases and reissues, thanks to the artists and their teams for the various heads up and resources. Featuring François N’Gwa, Islandman, LITIA=LOE, Mokhtar Mezhoud, Sepehr and more.



LITIA=LOE – Each Dawn Every Day (The Day After)

Dengue Dengue Dengue – Simiolo (Dazed Dog Remix)

Los Mirlos – Chinito en Onda (DDD Remix)

Dengue Dengue Dengue – Chotrón

Novalima – Memekume (DDD Remix)

Nyrabakiga – Corora intro 

Sepehr – Zendegi (Intro) 

Sepehr’s Shaytoon album


Jean-Pierre Huser – Chinatown 

Islandman – Sem Voce

LEO – Fee Fi Fo Fum

Ishq Awalla Kar Gaya Chalan (Running Hot Edit)

Shiran – Ya Banat Al Yemen



Nyrabakiga – Cor Corora

Kolida Babo – Exodus (Who’s The Technician? Remix)

Solaris – Space Invaders

Mokhtar Mezhoud – Rahoum Yegoulou Sabirine

Oliver Rogg – GE/CH: Seq

Intenta: Experimental And Electronic Music From Switzerland 1981-93 (Bongo Joe)


François N’Gwa – N’Kang

Kazuya Kotani – Fatima 

François N’Gwa – N’Gondjet

Air Project – Rap Yourself

Nourdine Staifi – Goultili Bye Bye

Kina Gecesi Ensemble – Misket (Revived intro) 

Islandman – Dimitrio

Pete Best – Crocodile Dundee Main Theme

Mark Blum (R.I.P), Crocodile Dundee (1986)


Coastlines – East Dry River

Little Big Bee – Scuba


Sepehr – Nephylte

Olololop – Mon (Orte Remix)

Ame beatless outro

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