Africa Seven drop latest sure-fire installment of vintage funkers with a Cameroon focus – on ‘Africa Airways Six’

The latest compilation of funky treasure pays special attention to artists from Cameroon (or its diaspora) from French based label Africa Seven. The records were either released in the Central African nation, or France primarily, before export elsewhere during the 1970s and ’80s.

The tracklist to Africa Airways Six – Mile High African Funk 1974 – 1981 is the usual top quality selection – some whittled down from the licenced work of a catalogue of artists who have appeared already on the label’s artist specific reissues – alongside fresh choices and less familiar artists appearing with each new edition of this compilation series. Just choice cuts throughout, all adhering to some kind of funk ethos or aesthetic.

There’s some videos by the featured artists underneath, although they are not the selections on the Africa Seven release, its just great archive footage.

01. Eko – Ndolo Embe Mulema (1979), 02. J.M. Tim & Foty – More And More (Ye-Male) (1978), 03. Ngalle Jojo – Ngigna Loko (1978), 04. Jude Bondeze – Ndomo (1981), 05. Vicky Edimo – You (edit) (1981), 06. JK Mandengue – Kosa Mba (1979), 07. Akwassa – Be Yourself (And Don’t Let Nobody) (1975), 08. Mike Kounou – My Native Land (1978), 09. Airto Fogo – Black Soul (1974), 10. Francois Misse Ngoh – Njonjo Mukambe (1980).

Check these out. Makossa from Francois Misse Ngoh:

Eko in ballad mood:

Hybrid and fusion from Jude Bondeze:

Makossa, Francois Misse Ngoh again:


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