Sven Wunder’s music has sent collectors into a spin – don’t miss next album ‘Wabi Sabi’, a debut repress and selected 7″s


Sweden’s Sven Wunder is back with a new album Wabi Sabi following the cult success of debut Doğu Çiçekleri or Eastern Flowers. The music can do the talking here:

Pre-orders are go with UK label – Mr Bongo – who have thankfully repressed the highly sought after debut – fetching silly money on Discogs due to its recognition from the beat junkies and psyche-heads, to the vinyl connoisseurs and Balearic mafia.

Those of you who can’t wait, until Mr Bongo sends the booty, can also get their vinyl fix first from some choice 7″s on the label – one of tracks from the new album and one from their debut.

These have all been made possible thanks to a collaboration between Brighton’s Mr Bongo and Sweden’s Piano Piano label.

Thank the record gods for Mr Bongo’s intervention and Piano Piano Record’s willingness to celebrate this music and make it more widely available. Sven Wunder’s music tours Anatolian rock, European jazz, library, funk, psychedelia and traditional folk melodies, with Wabi Sabi sounding like it’s heading further to the Far-East.

For more, visit Mr Bongo.

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