‘Kiwi Animals…’ is a superb collection of oddball pop and leftfield compositions from New Zealand, expertly currated on Strangelove Music

More Antipodean curveballs emerge on this fantastic compilation on the Strangelove Music label – Kiwi Animals: Future/ Primitive Aotearoa – further exposing the musical individualism of New Zealand’s new-wave.

The label describes this expertly currated comp’ as: “Strangelove’s personal inventory of NZ 1980’s odd pop; Kiwi Animals… recasts the local charts in a parallel universe of misfit melodics, gonzo-tronics and strange waves” and “channeling South Pacific voodoo and edge of world melancholia”. 

The Strangelove Music crew have dredged the ‘lost’ cassettes of their homelands’ artists – the work of New Zealand art avante-gardists, such as Drone & Kim Blackburn and Rupert & Norma O’Malley, are now brought to a wider audience on this release. The electronic tangents of iconic New Zealand groups, Blam Blam Blam, Headless Chickens and Tom Ludvigson & Graeme Gash are especially mind bending inclusions. 

Tracks are also compiled from: “The furthest depths of Flying Nun’s catalog, a brilliant earworm from Stiff Herbert and a mysterious “Roger” Knox birthday promo, as well as mining disparate seams of a local indie label awakening.”

It’s really precious music and we’re eternally grateful. All hail the Strangelove crew.

Digital releaseis now available on the Stranglove Bandcamp, vinyl will surface in June. 


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