SOLIDARITY WITH BEIRUT: Habibi Funk release compilation of Lebanese artists to help raise funds for disaster stricken city (PLEDGE SUPPORT NOW – Bandcamp link in post)

The Habibi Funk label have released a compilation of Lebanese artists to help raise funds for distaster stricken Beirut – click on the Bandcamp link below to pledge support.

“We at Habibi Funk have been shocked and saddened by the explosion in Beirut this week. It was important for us to express our solidarity with a city that means so much to us, so we spent the last two days with calls and messages to some of our favorite musicians from Beirut. 100% of the profits will go the the Lebanese Red Cross. Although this compilation was put together in order to raise funds as quickly as possible, we truly love how it turned out to be musically too. All tracks have never been on a reissue, most of them couldn’t be found on the internet so far.”

It’s on bandcamp now – – the tracklist includes:

1. Rogér Fakhr – Lady Rain
2. Ferkat Al Ard – Nia’am
3. Toufic Farroukh – Villes Invisibles
4. Rogér Fakhr feat. The Kantari Band – Sometimes You Feel Bad
5. Munir Khauli – Heik Ha Nishtghil?
6. Force – Stand Up
7. Abboud Saadi – Someday

The label adds: “Shout out to Issam Hajali, Toufic Farroukh, Rogér Fakhr, Munir Khauli and Abboud Saadi for their contributions. Cover photo by Myriam Boulos, cover by Raphaelle Macaron and Simone Cihlar.”

What are your thoughts? Comment.

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