Meet TACOBITCH – a Norwegian collective pushing audio and visual boundaries – check the tracks and videos from forthcoming EP ‘Humami’ on LEKK

Norwegian collective TACOBITCH share their two hyper-charged offerings from their new Humami EP on LEKK – the two singles are Hamayasan and Stitch Face. Both techno-pop tracks fuse a range of elements and soundtrack two videos wth unsettling qualities.

“Five of us used to live together, and that house had a really toxic environment,” Tacobitch explain. “No-one was safe, everyone was a bitch. One day one of us had some tacos for dinner. He was, then, a tacobitch. But now, we are all tacobitches. And we have never been closer.”

The collective of seven (it is beleived – Ed.) utilise eye-catching choreography, performance art and drag. The Oslo-based artists played their first show just a year ago at by:Larm Festival – after submitting a demo tape that has become their debut EP.

Their shows are interdisciplinary performances that see group members dressing up as yetis, balaclavas and include reference points such as The Knife and Pussy Riot.

“Our agenda has been to completely merge music, dance and costume visuals into new exalted practices and expressions,” TACOBITCH add.

“We see it as musicians being dancers and dancers being musicians, we don’t see ourselves as separated performers – and if people who experience us have a lot of fun and leave with some unanswered questions, we’re happy.”

Socials and more details here:

The Humami EP is out on August 28th. There will hopefully be some way to enjoy their innovative shows, somewhere in the world, sometime soon.

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