Juana Molina releases live album of last show before lockdown – ‘ANRMAL’ is a punkier take on her warped folk experimentalism – recorded at Mexico’s NRMAL Festival in early March

Juana Molina is a stunning artist from Argentina and has been a most innovative musician and songwriter over her last eight albums – now her live set ANRMAL for Crammed Discs takes the music and vision in another direction. Un Día Punk, released today, gives listeners a thrilling preview of Juana’s tour-de-force style and is very different from her usual studio sorcery.

Juana performs stripped back and energetic versions of her intricate songs, swapping warped-folk soundscapes and electronics for psychedelic-punk jams. Recorded at NRMAL festival in Mexico in March, it was one of the last gigs before the world ground to a halt earlier this year.

This live version of Juana’s classic song Eras is another preview of the experimental pop maestro’s first live album. When she started out, over two decades ago, Juana’s music was reflective and stripped down. She mostly performed solo concerts, with her guitar, a keyboard and effects. Over the years, her shows have become gradually wilder, while her recorded output also grew more intense. The tours following her latest couple of releases were taking Juana’s live show to a different level.

ANRMAL sees Juana and bandmates Odín Schwartz and Pablo González at the top of their game. This first-ever live album will undoubtedly be eye and ear-opening to anyone who hasn’t had a chance to hear the group, or even attend a concert for a while, it’s a great set.

For more visit Crammed.

WTM featured Juana in a 2017 mix of some of the best female artists around the globe:

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