Years of musical heritage in ‘Fragments 6’ by French post-punk veteran, Arno Vancolen – who shared the stage with Michael Rother, Faust and Wire – drops immersive debut album for EPM Music

A very worthwhile listen is 6 Fragments – debut solo artist album from Arno Vancolen, fusing indie rock, avant-garde electronics and classical minimalism – the album is a product of a life in music. This video to accompany some of the immersive work was created by French artist, Julien Brunet.

Arno Vancolen is a French musician based in Rouen who in his various post-punk guises has shared the stage with Michael Rother, Faust and Wire and produced several albums with his electronic rock group, Steeple Remove – for labels like Sordide Sentimental, 3rd Side Records, Fuzz Club and more.

Drawing from a background of industrial, noise, krautrock and post-punk his gravitation towards electronic music has seen him collaborate with Laurent Garnier on a remix and recently take part in the Code QR series of veiled various artist releases.

The sounds of Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Kevin Shields and Silver Apples can also be heard in his work.

The album is out on EPM Music.

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