‘Mizik la ka dansé’ compiles the best of a mythical catalogue with Henri Debs and son(s) – the Production Disques Debs label is the heart and soul of Guadeloupe – Atangana Records have sourced

Wicked little comp’ this on Atangana Records – co-produced for the first time ever with Henri Debs and son(s), from the catalogue of the mythical Production Disques Debs label – it’s a must for fans of the various stylings from Guadeloupe, especially the biguine sounds.

This video shows some of the touring of the country and collaboration with some of the best musicians from the island to deliver the compilation:

Founded in 2018, by DJ and producer Deni-Shain and Verre Volé restaurant owner Thomas Vicente, Atangana Records is the fruit of a friendship and an unlikely alliance between two fans of the music. Mizik la ka dansé is co-produced with Henri Debs & son(s) and is the outcome of more than a year and a half of listening work through the archives of Production Disques Debs, shortlisting 200 tracks, keeping only 12 in the end.

Déni says: “I wasn’t expecting this when I first came to Guadeloupe. Henri’s vision, his musical ear, his music culture. His unparalleled vision as a producer and as an arranger. For me he is the the creator of the latin beguine. This is the term that I use, because for me, a salsa sung in Creole deserves a name, or a beguine with a latin twist deserves a name.”

For this new Atangana release, Déni – who works as a sound engineer for the Debs studio – had free access to the mixing booth, a unique experience that enabled him to work at his own pace to deliver revisited Caribbean sounds to his taste.

It was “a relentless work, sitting in the same chair as Henri 50 years later, in the same studio, for months, to reproduce the soul of this music with a modern touch to it, while respecting the sounds of old,” he adds.

Thomas says: “Atangana Records is proud to present you this compilation, loaded with emotions and colored sounds, as well as a history page from the Debs studios. Riko, Henri’s son, put his trust in us to restore his father’s heritage and give it a new lease of life.”

Check out the Atangana Soundcloud for more sounds from Guadeloupe on the label:

Cop the music from the label’s Bandcamp.

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