Kebidoo is South Africa born but her hybrid pop results from international inspirations – crafted potently by Nigeria-based producer GreenBaker – and is a multimedia feast

Tshego was born in 1996 in Mafikeng, a small town about four hours west of Johannesburg. Her music blends together iconic mostawako (a South African hip-hop) and kwaito songs by the likes of HHP and Khuli Chana; early 2000-era underground grime – acquired while living in the UK (Brough, near Hull); k-pop artists like BLACKPINK; as well as African beats, electro-pop and chart threatening dubstep.

The instrumental was produced by GreenBaker, an alternative dance producer based in Abuja, Nigeria. In the dense track is a unique mix of varying pop and pop-related genres from around the world. The cross-continental duo took inspiration from the early 2010’s dubstep electro-era of Skrillex and Diplo; the fusion sound of second-generation k-pop artists like CL of 2nE1; the classic 90’s kwaito jams from local acts like Skwatta Camp; and the relatable lyrics of the motswako hits by the likes of HHP that still grace the airwaves.

Plenty to check across all socials and channels – her varied YouTube channel is a good start.

What are your thoughts? Comment.

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