‘Hybla La Ola Interior: Spanish Ambient & Acid Exoticsm 1983-1990’ is set for March release on Bongo Joe Records – the label returns to compiling unheard gems from Spain

Bongo Joe Records release Hybla by Finis Africae, ahead of a new double LP, La Ola Interior: Spanish Ambient & Acid Exoticsm 1983-1990, featuring 20 tracks selected from a fertile period of electronic music production in mainland Spain. It’s out on March 5th.

The label’s previous exploration in Spain, La Ola Contra, honed in on post-punk productions in the country, that followed both dictator Franco’s demise and the subsequent La Movida Madrileña (‘Movida Movement’). La Ola Interior uncovers the bleeps and synths from majority beatless recordings – some of which were originaly released on tape as part of ‘tape culture movement’ that flourished until the early 90s – cut from long live sessions and the result of affordable studio equipment.

Finis Africae performing (Luis Delgado)

The producers on the compilation come from two camps (broadly speaking). Some were bohemian, older hippie musicians, who exoticised faraway tropical destinations and wanted to incorporate otherworldly (and what was once termed ‘ethnic’) sounds into their repertoire. The others were direct descendants of the movida movement, marginalised and underground. They were also key to the development of the tape culture movement that gave some of these tracks notoriety.

Finis Africae are perhaps the best known artist from this discovery album and have long harbored cult status as pioneers of otherworldly ambience. Hybla is from their self-titled album, originally released on Spanish label Grabaciones Accidentales in 1985. Other pioneering artists on the compilation include Miguel A. Ruiz and Suso Saiz, who has gained recognition in recent times through the Music from Memory label.

Finis Africae posing and exploring (Luis Delgado)

Two of the tracks, Malagueñas 2 by Javier Seguro and Horizonte Paseo by Suzo Saiz, have never been released on any format before and there are multiple vinyl exclusives including all the tracks by female producers, Camino Al Desvan and Eli Gras.

Finis Africae (Luis Delgado)

La Ola Interior: Spanish Ambient & Acid Exoticsm 1983-1990 is set for release on Bongo Joe Records on March 5th. Get it here.

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