Ghetto Priest – the acclaimed reggae artist and Asian Dub Foundation frontman – does Aaron Neville’s rare groover ‘Hercules’, mixed by Adrian Sherwood for Ramrock (w/Ashley Beedle remix)

Ghetto Priest drops a sublime version of the Aaron Neville rare groove classic, Hercules, ahead of new album for Ramrock Records paying tribute to the greats. There’s also talk of a remix from Ashley Beedle and Darren Morris on the B-side when it comes out on a 7″ – we’ll settle for the digital for now, but Ashley Beedle reworkings (re: Heavy Disco, Modern Artifacts) are always must-haves.

Recorded at ‘The House of IMIZWA’ studios, the Asian Dub Foundation frontman teams up with Carlton ‘Bubbler’ Ogilvie to unleash his fresh reggae take. With Mr Ogilvie on keyboards, Ital Horns on brass duties, Greg Blackman on backing vocals and Crucial Tony on guitar, Ghetto’s deft vocals ride over a rock solid riddim.

Mixed by Adrian Sherwood, Hercules is the first single from Ghetto Priest’s Big People Music LP – a mixture of tracks associated with the greats (Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Slim Smith, Ken Boothe, Aaron Neville), that’s out on Ramrock Records on April 9th.

The idea for this LP was originally floated in 2018 and was intended to be a six-track EP called Songs For My Father. However, once Ghetto Priest got in the studio, the idea expanded, with Ghetto adding his personal favourites, conjured up from childhood memories of his father’s tunes being played on the family radiogram.

Crucially, Hercules will also be released on 7” vinyl, with a yet to be released remix from Ashley Beedle and Darren Morris on the B-side.


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