The Seven Ups groove hard and their fourth studio album is in the works – first single ‘Abode Of The Clouds’ keeps their funk ship on course – as fans eagerly await further fixes from the Melbourne funkers

The Seven Ups sound is great – raw, necksnapping funk – and their fourth studio album has been tantilisingly trailed with latest single Abode Of The Clouds dropping in January. The band celebrated the release with a launch party at the Corner Hotel, Melbourne.

The band’s upcoming fourth studio album sounds like a journey into the darker side of funk, with a dose of psychedelia, along with the usual lo-fi production. Along with a host of other Aussie groups – especially part of the Melbourne scene – The Seven Ups provide another aspect of a rich musical output from Down Under.

It’s out on Northside Records – The Seven Up website has a host of great pix and a great performance video, you can get the music on their Bandcamp.

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