The Radio Martiko label captures the glorious laika pop genre and the best of Tassos Chalkias’ psychedelic epirotika – two of Greece’s finest musical movements – across two supreme vinyl releases

Radio Martiko double drop a peerless selection of Greek pop and outstanding ‘epirotika’ recordings – a deep and psychedelic folk form – across two sumptuous vinyl releases. These have been on heavy rotation since they arrived at Christmas. Both offerings just keep on giving and its been a real pleasure getting to know both genres from Greece. They’re out now on vinyl, with extensive liner notes and photographs. Highest recommendation on these.

Ena Tefariki compiles various artists from the Greek pop movement of the ’60s and early ’70s, a movement known as ‘laika’. Divine Reeds features Tassos Chalkias and some of the most outstanding ‘epirotika’ recordings. The music on both is almost completely unknown outside of Greece and relatively unexplored by non-Greek listeners.

The label says: “Divine Reeds might please both folk and jazz aficionados. The moment you fall in love with Epirote music, a new musical universe will open up to you! This ancient psychedelic folk with jazzy improvisations from the North West of Greece is unique and will touch your soul so deeply that epirotika aficionados always remember the place and the moment when they got to know this hypnotic and mesmerising music. In a similar way to the music of Alice Coltrane or Mulatu Astatke, it can take you out of the here and now – the pure beauty of the magical epirotika sound can make your mind drift off to otherworldly places. The hard to find recordings of Tassos Chalkias presented on this album are seen as some of the most outstanding expressions of this distinctive musical genre.

Tassos Chalkias

“We are very excited to announce two new releases, each highlighting a distinctive musical style from the rich musical heritage of Greece. The music on these recordings is almost completely unknown outside of Greece and relatively unexplored by non-Greek listeners. A few years ago, when we got attracted by these sounds, a new and exciting musical universe revealed itself to us. These albums serve as an introduction to these unexplored sounds.”

Ena Tefariki features the greats of the laika pop movement.

Cop both at the label Bandcamp here.

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