LISTEN: DJ Tracksuit starts a new mix series for World Treasures Music – this admired selector digs deep and researches widely about Zouk and Kassav music heritage (read all about it, project links here)

In the first volume of our World Treasures Selectors’ Series, it is a privilege to hear a set from Dutch digger Timothy V.D.P – a.k.a, DJ Tracksuit. Timo has delved into the music of Suriname, Guadeloupe (and the Antilles region) and beyond – to create an armoury of heavy-hitting zouk edits, as well as crafting accomplished sets for a range of platforms.

Here’s his exclusive set for World Treasures Music…

…featuring a selection of these choice records:

Expect to hear supreme sounds from the all-vinyl selection above.

Here are links to more of Timo’s projects – including his excellent interview with Suriname star, Ronald Snijders and a feature on the political backdrop to the music.

Steppin’ into History – Ronald Snijders

His intro to the genre and the cultural background to this fascinating period can also be found here:

Kassav’ & Zouk – African Music & Political Movements part 2

Timo also currates and selects some essential music on his YouTube channel, along with some of his best mixes. He’s a talented selector indeed:

Keep up to date with all of DJ Tracksuit’s exploits via his Soundcloud and his blog, it’s been a pleasure touching base, hearing, as well as reading about these various mixes and projects – Ed.

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