Balkan Taksim conjure wonderous debut on Buda Musique – ‘Disko Telegraf’ sounds like timeless Massive Attack beats, meeting modern masterpieces of psychedelic Romanian folk joints

Balkan Taksim’s debut album Disko Telegraf is out this month on Buda Musique – the project is born from Bucharest-based multi-instrumentalist and artist, Sașa-Liviu Stoianovici. along with his electronica-producer companion, Alin Zăbrăuțeanu. Sașa’s exploration of traditional music of the Balkans, ancient Romanian music and Slavic cultures – also travelling the region to record local singers and traditional musicians – has been finished with sublimely programmed beats and basslines.

Disko Telegraf was recorded in its entirety in Sașa’s and Alin’s home studios, in Bucharest, over the past two years. Spending significant time in Anatolia also led to discoveries of instruments, such as the family of the baglama – the Turkish saz – spotted in a small town’s colourful market, in the Aegean part of Turkey. Darbuka players from various shops were studied, calls for prayer were also gathered during vital field recordings.

The album is out on May 28th via Buda Musique. The accompanying videos for tracks from the album are essential viewing, adding further dimensions to this finely crafted music. It’s deep and immersive.

There’s plenty of exciting stuff from the band online, making the Romanian roots of this group, combined with 21st Century stylings in the digital age, stand out as something truly unique. 

Pre-order here.

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