Divorce From New York is the new alias of Alvaro Granda – AKA Kino International and one half of Reykjavik60 – impressing here on a genre touring treat of a new album ‘This Ain’t Jazz No More’

Spanish producer Alvaro Granda (AKA Kino International) unveils his new musical alias – Divorce From New York – creating a rich web of broken beat, melding elements of jungle, house, bruk, as well as jazz on this new album.

This Ain’t Jazz No More was created as Alvaro’s newly born son was nursing. As you can see, the Spaniad also likes his vinyl, providing much inspiration as he composed the new album during this special time.

Alvaro well-known for his work as one half of San Sebastian based production duo, Reykjavik60, who have previously collaborated with the likes of Tenderlonious and Ishmael Ensemble.

Kino Internacional and Borja Piñeiro are behind the more atmospheric vibes of Reykjavik606. Alvaro’s solo album though, delivers seven slices of jazz infused, dancefloor nuggets.

This Ain’t Jazz No More is on the Forbidden Colours label and is out now. It’s highly recommended – get it here.


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