Radio Martiko with triple 7 inch drop: raw surf from French Canada, a unique funk-jazz-ska mashup and a repress of their tried and tested second 45 featuring two essential and unique versions

Radio Martiko drop the goods from their Belgium HQ – new 7 inch records featuring Morton & The Uptights, Les Talismans and a repress of bangers by Burt Blanca & The King Creoles and Joske Harry.

This label keeps you on your toes, touring the world for grails, esoteric scenes and outernational oddities.

Also new is a double sided mind-blower of the only two tracks by Morton & The Uptights, a genre-melting fusion of jazz, funk, rock and ska.

These two songs were the only releases by this outstanding band led by American organist/pianist Scott Bradford – with musicians of the Jess and James Band and Belgian jazz legend, Philippe Catherine, on guitar.

And that much needed repress is of Joske Harry and Burt Blanca & The King Creoles.

The label exalts these tracks: “Louie Louie by Belgian schlager legend Joske Harry’s (aka Joe Harris) blows the original by the Kingsmen away. Absolute dancefloor filler!!”

“There must be about 11,283 versions of Tabou,5″ the label adds. “This ultra rare gem just might be the ultimate version … or maybe not. Who cares? This is a must have for your collection.” Burt Blanca & The King Creoles’ version is a deep, trippy and hypnotic B-side, perfectly placed alongside the scorching do-over and irresistible party starter by Harry.

Always slick, these records sound huge and look great, always being limited high quality pressings with handmade silkscreen company sleeve, artwork and label design is by Pieter Heytens.

World Treasures Music featured the last two releases in detail from the label – they toured Greece and unveiled some amazing folk gems and vintage artist images.

The Radio Martiko label captures the glorious laika pop genre and the best of Tassos Chalkias’ psychedelic epirotika – two of Greece’s finest musical movements – across two supreme vinyl releases

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