Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek shine on new single ‘Haydar Haydar’, ahead of modern classic album ‘Dost 1’ from the outernational combo – lead singer Derya sounds like a Turkish siren of psychedelia

Anatolian psych-pop sensations Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek (pronounced ‘Shimshek’) are back with their second album Dost 1 (‘friend’) – the first of a two part series – to be released in 2021. Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek are a band mashing up traditional Anatolian folk songs and original compositions to soaring psychedelic heights – this new album is set to make waves.

Lead single Haydar Haydar is drenched with that bendy organ sound, so loved on underground Turkish music – and what about those vocals?! The group are so captivating, fronted by Berlin based, Turkish singer and multi-instrumentalist Derya Yıldırım, alongside members from France and the UK. This is amazing music for Bongo Joe Records, sounding nostalgic in part, but altogether modern and other-worldly.

Lead single Haydar Haydar is an Anatolian Alevi poem that has been passed on through generations since the 17th Century. The lyrics discuss emotions, philosophy, society and spirituality.

“The metaphorical quality of Turkish language can prompt so many interpretations and lets your imagination run free,” says front-woman, Yıldırım. “For me, it’s also something that transmits a feeling of home, love, and warmth.”

After the success of 2019’s debut Kar Yağar – another psychedelic take on traditional Anatolian folk songs and originals inspired in part by the legendary Turkish poet Nâzım Hikmet Ran – the six-track release sees the band once again shake up Turkey’s songs with modern twists, as well as jamming on the bağlama (Turkish lute).

“We always want to push our sounds further, and constantly evolve,” says Yıldırım.

Haydar Haydar is out now.

Dost 1 will be released worldwide by Catapulte Records – and influential crate digger imprint Bongo Joe, known for both contemporary and re-issued underground releases from across the world – on June 25th.

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