OTC drop “cosmically twinned EPs” – Uffe b/w Petwo Evans across a record each – and a cassette of unheard versions by The Diabolical Liberties: ‘Dub Protection & The Sportswear Mystic’

The artwork is fantastic as usual as On The Corner once again hit the mark with the latest talent on their prolific label – this time with three releases today – from Uffie, Petwo Evans and The Diabolical Liberties. And as usual, the music further defines the outernational label that unites global dub culture, international bass, psychedlic jazz and a community of exquisite artists.

Two records have been released as a double drop, but both artists have music across the whole of both EPs. The ‘A-Side’ see’s Uffe turn in his new Not All The Stars EP after releases on Tartelet Records. On ‘the flipside’, Petwo Evans present their leftfield club sounds on the Bootstrap EP.

Words from the label: “Uffe found himself taking things back to basics whilst creating this latest EP, and putting a lifetime experience of weird and wonderful sound hunting to good use. He channels classic rocksteady roots samples, oscillating synths, intergalactic textures, sky-staring vocals, bedroom recorded ambiences and marching dance floor ready rhythm sections into one basement-rattling sensory experience.

“Petwo Evans is the experience of listening to contemporary global club culture whilst looking out over the Welsh landscape.”

Petwo Evans are comprised of drummer/percussionist/producer Rich Thair and experimental DJ Jake Williams. They have released on their own label Petrax, as well as Belters, Touched Music, and the great Huntleys & Palmers label, between previous tracks for On the Corner. They have also worked on numerous projects as part of the class 90s/00s outfit, Red Snapper, as well as Toob – releasing on Warp, Process and Lo Recordings.

The Diabolical Liberties’ Dub Protection & The Sportswear Mystics is a limited coloured C48 tape, featuring previously unheard dub versions of the original album High Protection & The Sportswear Mystics. Their modern post-punk fusion and doom-jazz outings featured Emma-Jean Thackeray and tracks were picked up by Gilles Peterson, Tom Ravenscroft and the usual sorts.

More words from the label: “Alex Patchwork and General Rubbish have alarmingly and rather impetuously dubbed-out and bootlegged their own wears in homage to Thomsun Original (the 80s pirates from Dubai). A few copies have been secured for the promised land, as Ridley Road Market prepares for its post-plague reopening. Seek The Diabolicals plying their liberties from two cardboard boxes over by the incense man. Just follow the Egyptian Musk, every second-Thursday at a quarter-past DUB!”

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