Postdrone is one of Egypt’s most versatile musicians – his new album for the RAKETE label further shows the talent of producers from Cairo

Postdrone is an emerging production talent from Egypt and his forthcoming Ready For Nothing LP – a feast of post-dubstep electro fusion, industrial ambient and rap –  is in perfect company at Cairo-based label RAKETE. The stable “echoe the sounds of an ever-growing club culture, bringing together the most sought after work from music producers and DJs”. It launched in 2020.

Postdrone’s debut is a mix of original dubwise breaks and percussive leftfield styles, alongside two remixes by label-mate Hassan Abou Alam, who brings a warm club-focused aethetic to proceedings.

As a DJ he has gigged around his country as well as flying out to Berlin’s Renate recently, with his name popping up regularly at intimate club space events and massive three day festivals. His sound as a DJ covers house, breaks, noise, bass, grime, techno and more.

So far, the Cairo-based label has released a various artist release Cairo Quest, followed shortly by a well-received EP Hope Amidst Despair in December 2020.

A recent online DJ set by Postdrone gives listeners the appropriate intro to the Egypt sound.

Check out the range of producers on the RAKETE label:

RAKETE Bandcamp.

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