Habibi Funk’s latest compiles musician and activist – Algerian-born, Amazigh artist Majid Soula (الترجمة العربية بالأسفل), selecting the best of Kabyle sounds

The next release on Habibi Funk is released mid December and is a selection of works by Algerian-born, Amazigh artist Majid Soula (الترجمة العربية بالأسفل) – the second single from it is out now.

With synths, driving drums and stylish guitar lines, Majid’s music blends the best of Kabyle sounds, disco, highlife and groovy funk into his own wholly unique music.

Here’s the second single off the comp’:

There are silk-screened sleeves avaialble now on the label’s Bandcamp.

For Majid Soula, music is also a vessel for his political message – music is more than just an entertainment form and he considers himself an activist and a “chanteur engagé”.

“I am not a politician,” he says. “If I can deal with art and culture it’s already a lot… When I fight, for example, for the defense of the Amazigh culture, it is not by political spirit. It is a natural act. I am against violence wherever it comes from and I do not support injustice. If the essential freedoms were granted, the Algerian artists would have no reason to take on this burden and this mission. They could, like all other artists of the world, devote their talent to making people dream. I take my inspiration from the daily life of my people and I share all their aspirations, mainly the official recognition of Tamazight as a language, culture and identity.”

The compilation and more information from the label can be sought out via Bandcamp.

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