Habibi Funk’s latest gem: reissue of lone album by The Scorpions and Saif Abu Bakr from Sudan – check out an interview with band leader, Ameer Nasser 

Habibi Funk’s next release Jazz Jazz Jazz is the sole album by Sudanese band, The Scorpions, with Saif Abu Bakr on vocals. Recorded in Kuwait in 1980 it’s a unique fusion of styles ranging from jazz, rock, folk and funk to more Sudanese-rooted tracks – including modernised versions of traditional rhythms and excursions into Congolese Soukouss.

All Habibi Funk reissues have been compilations so far, with curators’ favourite selections of tracks by one artist. This album is their first 1:1 re-release. Original copies sell on eBay for up to $1000.

Click here to read an interview with band leader, Amer Nasser.

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