Beating Heart release ‘Afro Bass Vol. 1’ – five electronic artists explore vintage recordings from Tanzania

Big tip on this one – Afro Bass Vol. 1 will be released on November 23rd by the Beating Heart label and is a rich journey through a variety of vintage recordings from 1950s Tanzania, with an electronic twist for the dancefloor – these are essential bits of Afro-house.

The fresh interpretations come from five artists creating from Scotland through to Finland, via London. This EP is the first in a series. ​2Fox​’s opener ​Lonzania​​ is superb and is a tried and tested dance-floor favourite, sampling the voices of the ​Hangaza​ women of Tanzania. The Busy Twist​ provide the late-night track ​Wa Wa Wine. ​Austin Ato​ samples the ​Haya​ women of Tanzania in ​Awakasi. ​​The traditional wailing is from a wedding procession song and features deeply groovy tribal drumming. ​Boys Ride Bikes’​ ​Resonate ​​samples an otter hunting song from the ​Haya​ people, with cries of hunting dogs, the bells around hunters’ necks and a dubbed out bassline. Finally, Maajo​’s tropical dub Umefika ​​samples ancestral voices singing of arriving in ​Marangu a small village on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. A tasty package indeed.

Here is a great video put out by Soundway, featuring a previous release by The Busy twist:

Here’s a link to some more music released on Beating Heart, differing from the release details above…some clarity needed (?)…but more great music nevertheless. Links to Beating Heart in the info:

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