Zaza’s wedding song ‘Nduzangou’ is a masterpiece of twarab music from Comoro, this 2015 YouTube classic gets thankfully highlighted by the great Secousse label and platform

Nduzangou is a must listen by Zaza and her production partner Zile, their hypnotic and sensual YouTube wedding anthem is a wonder, which has been thankfully highlighted by our friends at the wonderful Secousse label and platform – it’s a digital release, we hope so much for a vinyl release too.

The label says: “Now this is something truly special – welcome to the world of twarab music from Comoro, the archipelago situated between Tanzania and Madagascar. A world where musicians like Zaza and her long time composer Zile write songs on demand, as requested by the families organising wedding ceremonies. A good beat usually takes about 20 minutes of Zile’s time. It’s even quicker to record Zaza’s vocals – she doesnt write anything, just gets on the mic and starts improvising, like the most talented rappers. Zaza and Zile have been making music together for 17 years. They live in France (it is estimated that a quarter of the Comoro population lives there), and perform every weekend at weddings and parties in Paris, Marseille (sometimes called the fifth Comoro Island), or back to their homeland.”

Oiginally released in 2015, Nduzangou has more than 1,5 millions of views on YouTube. As Comoro’s total population is 1.1 million, it indicates how popular Zaza is with her people, who often refer to her as “the diva with the golden voice”.

“A massive thank you to her manager DJ Momo for his help, and to my friend Leila Grenadine for discovering the song in a Comorian shop in Marseille. And watch out for another EP with Nduzangou remixes soon,” the label adds.

You can cop the digital of this at the Secousse Bandcamp. You can also find all of the fanatastic vinyl releases that the label has reissued so far (such as Orchestre Les Mangelepa’s Nyako Konya).

You must check out the channel for a dope radio station, music, merch, goodies and more.

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