The Queen Of New Cumbia – La Yegros – returns with her third LP ‘Suelta’

Praised as the ‘The Queen Of New Cumbia’, La Yegros’ returns with Suelta. It is the Argentine singer’s third album where her lyrics ride cumbia, trap-versed electronica, dancehall and pop – all influenced by folkloric and traditional sounds of Argentina and rural South America.

Suelta is produced by duo King Coya and Eduardo Cabra. King Coya are helping to pioneer the ever-developing and renowned ‘folk-tronica sound’ and scene emanating from Latin America. Eduardo Cabra is from multiple Grammy-Award winning Puerto Rican group Calle 13. A featured guest is UK rapper Soom T. Here is the official video to the track Linda La Cumbia.

La Yegros (real name Mariana Yegros) is a native of Buenos Aires and has roots in Misiones, a province in the North East of the country and where her parents still live. This rural and tropical region borders Paraguay and Brazil and is somewhat of a musical hotspot for international rhythms. It means that La Yegros grew up in the suburbs of a cosmopolitan city and has always been influenced by the traditions of the countryside and is a blueprint for her music.

As King Coya, Argentine producer Gaby Kerpel

The recipe of traditional sounds being digitised and transformed were ever-present on her previous album, Magnetismo (2016), released on the UK’s Soundway label. And on this latest album we hear further frenetic rhythms of huayno and chamarrer, folk melodies rekindled and the continued evolution of the Afro-digital sound.

Suelta is out now on the X-Ray label. 

Digital cumbia pioneer Chancha Via Circuito progresses his electro-folk sound on new ‘Bienaventuranza’ LP

Chancha Via Circuita’s new album is called Bienaventuranza (bliss) and takes his Argentinian fusion of cumbia music – with an electronic aesthetic – to new heights. Releasing on US Wonderwheel Records, Chancha Via Circuito – a Buenos Aires native named Pedro Canal – combines Andean instruments and folklore to a distinctily Latin beat.

Formerly signed to ZZK and Crammed, previously acclaimed albums such as Rio Arriba (2010) and Amansara (2014), Bienaventuranza features collaborations with other stars on the digital cumbia scene – including Mateo Kingman, Kaleema, and Lido Pimienta. Also involved are Colombian dancehall don Manu Ranks and percussionist Federico Estevez.

The album is out now. Two tracks featured on the latest World Treasures Music radio show –  Ilaló (feat. Mateo Kingman) at the five minute mark and Kawa Kawa (feat. Kaleema) at 41m.44s.