Colombia’s Acid Coco drop “cumbia feminista” anthem – ‘Yo Bailo Sola’ – ahead of exciting new album later this year for El Palmas Music in Barcelona

Acid Coco offer up a cumbia anthem for female dancefloor power on the first single – Yo Bailo Sola – from their upcoming debut album, wth the song’s female protagonist telling her would-be dance partner that she’s dancing this cumbia alone.

Acid Coco are a Colombian duo and their debut album Mucho Gusto will be released later this year. Recorded across two sessions in Geneva, Yo Bailo Sola means “I dance alone”. “Cumbia is something we grew up with, it has always accompanied us, it is part of who we are,” Andrea says.

Yo Bailo Sola is out today on El Palmas Music. Cop it here –

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