Self-proclaimed “psychedelic bootyshakers” of Atlanta – Lightning Orchestra – release long-awaited debut album this month on UK label, Acid Jazz

Lightning Orchestra combine horn-led Afrobeat and funk-laden post-rock on their debut full-length album Source and Deliver via legendary British label, Acid Jazz.

Here’s the Atlantan twelve-piece’s latest single White Tiger:

Previous single For Those Who Are Yet To Be Born also gave us a taste of the band.

The band are led by multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer, Travis Murphy and are able to call upon a loose network of up to 30 musicians across Atlanta’s live improv’ scene. The band has evolved, after Murphy moved to the city in 2013 and developed the group during local jam nights and free improv sessions, before he set out to recruit members for his own project. After a number of shows performing 60s/70s funk, soul and afrobeat covers from artists like James Brown and Orchestre Poly-Rythmo, Murphy named the group Lightning Orchestra, reasoning that “the sound was just so powerful that it needed a powerful name”. Murphy began introducing his own material in to live sets in 2016, beginning the process that culminated in the group’s very first release, Source and Deliver.

“The community has been very supportive and fertile for me personally and for the project and it’s vision. I’ve lived in a lot of different cities, and for me, Lightning Orchestra is only possible because of Atlanta’s diversity and inclusivity.” says Travis.

Having first featured on Acid Jazz’s 2019 AJX500 compilation, Lightning Orchestra join a formidable list of artists to have released on the iconic label including Leroy Hutson and The Brand New Heavies and now, an album two years in the making, Source and Deliver.

The album is out on July 10th, check out the label’s website for more:

Acid Jazz


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