Oberman Knocks’ electronic artistry returns to Aperture Records after four year break


UK producer Oberman Knocks – who is Sheffield-born Nigel Truswell – makes a welcome return to Aperture Records since his last release a while ago. Dilankex in 2014 also featured an outstanding 17 minute remix from Autechre.

Working on other projects during this time seems to have charged his creative output and Oberman now propels himself back into the fold for his third album, Trilate Shift. The album’s polished production could see his appeal rise across a wider audience.

Trilate Shift has 14 tracks and encompass disembodied vocals and the distinctive sound of the artist that fans have come to love.

Last year, Oberman produced the soundtrack to The Red Tree – an award winning documentary film from Still films (New York / Dublin) and in 2016 he was commissioned by The Lowry in Salford to produce a sound installation, 30 Days of The Smiths. It formed part of their Week 53 festival and a version was also performed live.

For more click on www.aperturerecords.com

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