Geneva Jacuzzi gets her seminal debut ‘Lamaze’ reissued by Mexican Summer next week – the L.A. creative is a pionnering artist of the lo-fi canon and her visual output is also trailblazing

Geneva Jacuzzi is an L.A pop artist and hyped as an early pioneer of the modern lo-fi bedroom pop terrain – to the uninitiated, a reissue of her long out-of-print debut Lamaze is out on February 26, via the Mexican Summer label. She is a notable figure in the underground scenes in Hollywood and Los Angeles, with her influence spreading worldwide in the pop, noise and independent art communities. We love her and see some Talking Heads and Grace Jones influences in her seminal retro work.

This creative polymath is further recognised for her work in visual and performance art, fabrication, fashion and film. She directs and produces music videos (for Julia Holter, Nite Jewel, Frankie Rose previously) and video art installations, as well as designing and producing her own sets and wardrobe, as well as choreographing her stage performances.

The reissue of the 2010 debut Lamaze – a full-length pressing of analog 4-track and 8-track recordings that document the development of her musical style: from her first appearance in 2004 up to 2009 – is eulogised among her devotees and has become a coveted relic among fans and collectors of pop artifacts and rarities. The recordings from this period are largely electronic pop songs, minimalist constructions, that blisfully chug around 100 BPM.

Geneva says: “‘What is Sad? Do I sad?’ Only a question a sociopathic alien would ask or perhaps an android. You know… the kind who Dream of Electric Sheep?

“The video portrays the Serpent in the Garden of Eden who’s taken the form of a mime. A black and white character who communicates without the use of words. Because.. well ‘In the beginning, there was the Word.’ So yeah, I thought that would be a fun spin on all of that. Don’t know if anyone caught it but that’s usually the case lol. This video was directed by the amazing JJ Stratford who is a lifelong collaborator and friend of mine. We shot the whole thing in one single take.”

Geneva’s beautiful visual creations – working with her favoured collaborators – and the distinctive production sound have helped create a much coveted L.A. lo-fi canon. This much needed resissue is dropping at a poignant and apt time – as visual art meets new demands from audiences, providing audio-visual alternative worlds for escape and solace.

Love Caboose, according to Jacuzzi: “is about Medusa. A beauty who was cursed into isolation with a killer gaze. This is my own version of the myth. One where she accepts her fate with style. For her to say, ‘Tie the noose around the love caboose’ is like saying, ‘Fine, If I can’t be loved, I’d rather curse love than feel sorry for myself.’ The video was directed by the very talented Travis Peterson who is no longer with us. This was my first music video and my all time favorite so far.”

Pre-order Lamaze, out February 26, on Mexican Summer here.

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